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Holidays in Russia for American students from Florida.

Туроператор по внутреннему
и въездному туризму

From June 18 to 23, our hotel hosted a group of American students from University of Florida. This week we became so close to the guys and their leaders that we did not want to say goodbye to them. Wonderful, educated, talented children!

The program of their stay was rich and interesting.

Of course, not without a tour program in Suzdal and Vladimir. For our young guests was organized a master class on painting matryoshka dolls. All works were designed in the Russian style, but each was individual and unique. At the end we chose the best matryoshka dolls, and the authors were awarded prizes. It was interesting to watch the guys during the master class on making sugar buns under the guidance of our chefs. The children did their best! The result exceeded our expectations and was eaten at a friendly tea party organized in our restaurant. Visiting the Russian bath with birch broom and ice font left a lasting impression on our American guests.

And during the broadcast of the world Cup (match Russia-Egypt) our young fans with the image of The Russian flag on their faces actively supported our team. Many other interesting moments we experienced with these nice people during their staying in our hotel. The farewell party was very touching for everyone. During the evening, the American guys performed and sang Russian songs under the guidance of their wonderful music teacher -Irina Kuskova. After this performed the ensemble of folk songs "Kupel" from the city of Ivanovo. Many kind words of gratitude and warm wishes we heard to our address during the evening.

And we are infinitely grateful to the organizer of this trip - the head of the group of American students Galina Vladika for the fact that despite the political differences between the countries, we have found new friends .

Come again! You're welcome!



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